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Shift Happens....

Updated: Apr 12

Many of my clients have had profound shifts happen when doing this work, while others may find themselves digging deeper yet not getting to where they want to be as fast as they want to.

It's all a process! It took years for us to get to where we find ourselves lost and floundering. What took years to manifest, in whatever form it may be, won't be solved in one 15-minute call. As my mentor likes to say, there are no simple solutions to complex problems.


I’m reminded of a client who came to me and one of the areas she wanted to work on was related to anorexia and bulimia. She wanted it gone, yet had no idea where it stemmed from or why it had her in its grips. We worked through to see the layers that compounded over and over to develop this disorder that was beginning to take her life away as she knew it. It didn’t happen overnight, and her relationship with food went much deeper than the food itself. She came from a violent household, had trouble fitting in, doubted herself in all areas of life, and food was the one thing she could control in the uncontrollable world and circumstances she found herself in. Through this work and seeing her own inner gifts, she has developed a new relationship with food, family, friends, and most importantly a newfound love for herself and her self-image which has made positive trickle-down effects into all areas of her life (personal and professional).  


This is just one of many examples of clients who have lost their way, felt empty, lost themselves, and needed help to become aware of the endless possibilities in life available to us when we release the self-doubt, inadequacies, trauma, or negative beliefs. None of these were “meant” to be in our lives, yet sometimes they are foisted on us as a burden to carry unless they are addressed.


Through doing the inner work the void gets smaller, fullness is restored, self-empowerment rises, we remember who we really are, and the ability to create a life we want to live comes into light (instead of being shoved down in the darkness of despair and hopelessness).


When we are able to see ourselves in this new light and new possibilities, we uncover the why and how we got to where we find ourselves and are able to work towards the needed solutions to get us to where we want to be. No matter how bleak it seems at this moment, there is always another way.


This is the “shift happens” I’m referring to. Seeing ourselves in a new light and new possibilities increases our consciousness and awareness of ourselves and what is really happening. It creates new understanding, a new level of being, and opens doors to solutions they never thought possible or thought they were capable of.


Maybe it’s overcoming a chronic illness or finding a new job, new career, new creative endeavor, having a baby, starting a new relationship, ending an old relationship, new house, new move, or maybe feeling whole for the first time in their lives. Many times, we don’t know what we are capable of until we grant ourselves the permission to try (instead of waiting for someone else to save us or grant that permission).


Our Intuition, self-worth, internal power, our inner soul…. all of these are tapped into through this training so we can find our path, remember who we really are, and heal from whatever is sucking us into that darkness. We need to remind ourselves that we determine our worth and our value in this life, and not allow others to diminish that or make us play small to fit into whatever box they think we belong in.


We all have areas within ourselves that need work and healing, yet we don’t need to be holed up in a cave healing those wounds for the rest of our lives. Recognizing that every step in the right direction is a win no matter if it takes 3, 6, or 12 months to get there. When we realize and are open to new possibilities, we become that much closer to uncovering and seeing the light and greatness in ourselves and closer to living the life we want to live.


We don’t need to wait for the perfect moment, for the stars to align, the right season. Spoiler alert…there is no perfect time to start the inner work. The only time is in the present (aka now) when we feel the urge and calling to make the shift happen. ​

Get in touch to connect and make the shifts happen.

Thanks! ~Alicia

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