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Projects and Publications

Alicia Londos - Bio - @AliciaLondosArt

Alicia is an artist, coach, healer, and author living in Illinois. She has been creating, especially painting & drawing, since she was young and has a passion for art and helping people.


She believes in the Degas quote "Art is not what you see it is what you make others see," and applies this to her works of art and clients she coaches. Her life works include painting, drawing, hosting workshops, and guiding clients to reclaim and create an extraordinary life through her Art as a Medium to Heal program. She has also written, illustrated, and published her new book, The Mermaid Who Found Her Home

Her Art as a Medium to Heal program helps and guides people who find themselves struggling, whether it be mental, physical, emotional, family, trauma, addiction, illness, career, or any other area that can effect life as we know it. Through her program, she uses art to guide her clients to address and tap into what’s happening on the inside to help them get from where they are to where they want to be. Focusing on internal expressions, physical activity, healing (and so much more), she guides her clients to identify, release, heal, and thrive in their own life’s story. Connect with Alicia to learn more here

Alicia Londos Art

The Mermaid Who Found Her Home

Order my new kid's book I have written, illustrated, and published! This 32-page, color-illustrated story is fun, captivating, and speaks to an important lesson about finding our home of acceptance. Link to Order

What people are saying about the book: This book is a timeless story that reaches kids and people of all ages. The importance of acceptance is a concept that hits deep within all of us, and this book beautifully illustrates and tells a story we all can take to heart. A truly magical, powerful, and captivating book everyone needs to read. ~Sarah - Mother, Daughter, Teacher, Coach

Check out new podcast where we chat about my new book and the power that art can have to heal from within. "The Healing Power of Art" Podcast - Feb 2023 - Link to episode 

The Mermaid Who Found Her Home by Alicia Londos
Alicia Londos Pod Cast

Art Exhibitions & Festivals


Resident Artist at Chicatolia Art Gallery since Dec 2019 to Present

(Andersonville, Chicago) 5209 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60640

Online shop:


March 26 2023 - Book signing event Barnes & Nobel Algonquin

May 16-22 2022 - Special Art Expose at Chicatolia 

Aug 8-9 2021 - North Halsted Market Days, June 27-28 2021 - Pride in the Park

Aug 9-10 2019 North Halsted Market Days, 

Nov 1-30 2018 - Pop-Up Shop @Boombox Wicker park Chicago, Aug 2018 - North Halsted Market Days

Aug 2016 - Libertyville Art Fest - Awarded Best in Painting, Aug 2015 - North Halsted Market Days

Aug 2015 - West Loop Art Fest, Sep 2015 - Ravenswood Art Walk, May 2014 - Chicago RAW Showcase,

Aug 2014 - North Halsted Market Days, Aug 2014 - Artopia Chicago, Nov 2014 - Chicago RAW Showcase


  • "The Healing Power of Art" Podcast - Feb 2023 - Link to episode 

  • "The Mermaid Who Found Her Home" - Children's book - Published Nov 2022 - Link to Order

  • "Wishing Well" - Poem published in Eber and Wein Poetry Review - 2022

  • "Bound" - Oil painting published in PoetsArtists #108: Variety - Jan 2020

  • Artist Feature - Voyage Chicago Magazine - Jan 2018

  • "Unseen Symetry" - Acrylic painting published The Sow's Ear Poetry Review Journal - May 2015

  • "Imagination" - Oil Painting published in Leadership and Change Magazine Issue 16 2015

  • "Blue self portrait" - Oil Painting published in Leadership and Change Magazine Issue 17 2015

Alicia Londos Pod Cast
Alicia Londos Art in Sow's Ear Magazine
"imagination" by Alicia Londos Art
"Bound" by Alicia Londos Art

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