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Hear what my clients are saying about their experience with the Art as a Medium to Heal program. 

Wander through testimonials from some of my clients who have taken the deep dive and have seen the power that that art can have to transform their life.

Image by Artem Kovalev

Kendra - Illinois

"Your coaching has transformed my life and given so much insight. I felt such a release physically and emotionally during our Connect Sessions and gained insight on how life can be so much more when fear, the past, and being stuck are released. I was clinging to the past so much that it paralyzed me in this present life, and was blind to the impacts all of this had on my life. The art, mental, and physical training guided and helped me to overcome many burdens and find the strength to make needed changes for the better (both personally and professionally). I realized I allowed other peoples’ fears to influence my life and decisions, and inherently stealing my freedom. I’m grateful to be guided to find the power within myself to move forward, rather than staying stagnant. Your program has helped me get to where I want and need to be, and my marriage has benefited immensely as well!”

Image by Morgan Sessions

Sarah K - Fort Meyers

Your Art as a Medium to Heal program has changed my life. Everything got so limiting, painful and stuck, and all the joy was sucked out of my life. I didn’t realize parts of my life had such an impact on my day-to-day life causing such a grey cloud over everything. You helped me to step back and reevaluate everything and get out of the cycle of people-pleasing when it goes against how I really feel. I’m so happy your program combines mental, spiritual, and physical elements, many of which I lost sight of in my life. You have shown me to see and find who I truly am, how I want and need to live and be able to share my own gifts within my inner circle, community and family. Thank you!

Happy Hiking

Sarah - Canada

Alicia is and incredible guide, safety net, and support system for anyone who is stuck between the space of the life they currently live, and the life they've always wanted for themselves. She has the unique capability of drawing out the areas and blocks that have been holding a human back in life, and honing in on them and supporting them in a safe, supportive, and judgement free space. Alicia had our group do an exercise that drew out both emotional and painful areas that I didn't even realize were present in my life, but were evidently hiding below the surface and holding me back in ways I wasn't aware of. If you are looking for someone to help you tap into the areas that are sabotaging the life you want for your self, do yourself a favor and reach out to Alicia. You won't regret it.

Man Hiking in Nature

Dr. Tyler - Montana

Working with Alicia put my current circumstances into a different context. After spending hours trying logic and reason through my problem, Alicia helped me to express what had been holding me back and I was finally able to start moving forward. Words don't do it justice. The experience with Alicia was healing and transformative. All it takes is the willingness to participate.

Girl in the Woods

Dr. Terri - West Virginia

​​I have a story I tell myself about how I am not an artist. When I am asked to draw or paint, I am always resistant. Alicia's workshop made me feel safe enough to represent blockages in my life. Being able to draw and then discuss larger issues in my life based on what i drew was helpful and enlightening and will allow me to dig deeper into these issues on the road to solving them.


Dr. Lizzy - Florida

Working with Alicia was in depth, compassionate, and special. By receiving her help, she was able to put a spotlight on areas I couldn't reach on my own. There was a safe space to heal and release created, and I am incredibly thankful.

Sporty Girl

Sophie - Canada

When you told me to draw how I felt in my life, I felt this freedom that I could express who I truly was without guilt or shame. You gave me permission to allow this to flow out of me. When I saw you express your own emotion, I felt this freedom that I could express mine as well. Now I feel this strength and freedom that i didn't fully have power over until I was able to express myself through your guidance with art. Thank you!

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