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The Mermaid Who Found Her Home

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The Mermaid Who Found Her Home Book by Alicia Londos

​About the Book

  • This 32-page, color-illustrated story is fun, captivating, and speaks to an important lesson about finding our home of acceptance.

  • The story is about a young girl who doesn't know that she's a mermaid, imagine that!

  • She heads off to school and finds she doesn't fit in.

  • The ending is a beautiful weaving of realization and acceptance into a world she is meant to be part of. 


​What people are saying about the book: 

This book is a timeless story that reaches kids and people of all ages. The importance of acceptance is a concept that hits deep within all of us, and this book beautifully illustrates and tells a story we all can take to heart. A truly magical, powerful, and captivating book everyone needs to read. ~Sarah - Mother, Daughter, Teacher, Coach (Canada)


​Both my daughter and son loved your book and all the colorful pictures! They have me read it at least 3 times a week and enjoy the story so much each and every time. Thanks for including coloring pages as well for them to create their own drawings and connect even more with the story of the book! ~Julie - Mother, Teacher, Mermaid Lover (Illinois)


​I love how you weaved the story of growing up and acceptance into a colorful kids book. It's refreshing to see a genuine story book that doesn't push agendas. My kids love your book and me too! Thank you for such a beautiful story. ~ Liz - Mother, Financial Planner (Florida)

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