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Unveiling the Healing Power of Art: Exploring the Story Behind Art as a Medium To Heal

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My name’s Alicia Ann Londos, and welcome to Art as a Medium to Heal, the only program of its kind that helps people who find themselves in unwanted circumstances. These circumstances are invisible to most until it happens to them or someone they love. Unwanted circumstances can happen to anyone, and there is no shame or embarrassment in reaching out for my type of help.

I guide clients to address and remove invisible limitations and barriers holding them hostage in their circumstances (current, shitty, disempowering circumstances), and help them move from where they are to where they want to be.

Many people shut down when they are faced with problems. It’s usually a sign that they have been in a state of chronic stress, fear, or survival for far too long. Usually, these states lead to inaction, avoidance, and paralysis from moving forward and making the change they know they need to do in their lives. They adopt a state of denial and embarrassment, which makes them heavy to be around and difficult to attempt to help, or they learn to endure dutifully the hardships and consequences of their problems. A common thread here is that they are unable to get out of these problems and issues on their own.

No two clients are the same, just like our DNA, a snowflake, or a fingerprint, and each is treated as an individual. My goal is to truly heal the client so they can return to their life and share the best version of themselves with the world. If a client is willing to commit to the process, these methods will work, they will get their life back, and claim a newfound direction and purpose. You or your loved one are the only ones who can assume responsibility for your future. This is a defining moment in getting your life back, better than ever, and i'll guide and be in your corner every step of the way (however, I can’t do the work for you). A willingness, urgency, and “whatever it takes” attitude must be adopted to produce desired results and change the trajectory of your life.

If you have requested my information packet you already hold in your hands the key and the answer to getting out of these unwanted circumstances for yourself or your loved one. If you havent requested yet, please visit to get the details sent to you directly.

The background picture in the info packet is my original artwork titled, Freedom Bird. I created this piece after a turbulent time in my life to represent making it through to the other side and letting my inner self shine. This Freedom Bird represents our ability to rise above it all, no matter what it is, and illuminate something new in our lives.

Do you want to continue to try what doesn’t work, keep your head buried in the sand, avoid addressing your problems head-on, and remain in your current circumstances? Or are you willing to have a stick of TNT lit under your butt to get out of your problems forever? I help people by diving deep into the waters of unreachable, shut-down, or stuck people and help guide them through the storm and chaos as they retrieve their former selves.

I often get asked how I got here and why I do what I do, so I’d like to share some of my own story which crafted me into the guiding light behind Art as a Medium to Heal. Years ago, I had to ask myself these same questions as I found myself in unwanted circumstances and in a life-or-death situation. My story is one of lasting change and choice, which moved me from the swamp of despair and suffering to where I needed to be, so that I can help people just like you find your own healing path, your voice, choice, inner greatness, and live the life you were meant to live.

My previous life was in the world of IT, managing multi-million-dollar projects and large teams. The path was set for multiple promotions, more responsibilities, and was the go-to person managing global teams. Life on the outside appeared great, I was fit, good job, had friends, family, traveled, was married (although didn’t feel that way), and had all the things society considers successful. I didn’t realize was that I was dying inside for a change, but I didn’t listen and kept pushing to keep up with work, life, and relationships and pretend everything was fine.

Three years of my life were a health and relationship disaster, and I hit a wall. My time, energy, and resources were spent searching for a “cure” or trying to rescue someone else. Endless hours of searching, many places, many doctors, and nothing worked. I thought I could fix it all if I could just do more, go more places, give more of myself, or drag people along with me. During all of this, I had to keep a smile on my face to fool the world that I was OK. I compromised too many times and needed to make a decision to get my life back. I was stuck in a repeating downward spiral and at a fork in the road.

I found that traditional methods and professionals didn’t work, just concentrating on the diagnosis and classification of the problem, not the solution. I was told by these professionals on multiple occasions that nothing was wrong with me, even though I was so sick. I found myself losing touch with relationships and hobbies which mattered to me most and was lost. I was killing myself for a job that lacked any real meaning or fulfilling purpose and was sucking the life out of me. I was in an unequal, one-sided marriage where my wants and needs we not being met, my dreams didn’t matter, and my life (and money) was hijacked and stolen right under my nose. To sum it all up, I was betraying myself in all areas of life. I became disconnected from who I truly was, what I wanted, and lost myself along the way all while looking for acceptance and approval from the people around me.

At that time, I didn’t know that the secrets we try to hide from the world rip us apart from the inside out.

One day my body had enough and gave me a huge sign that deep down I was unhappy and suffering. My body was sick, pains all over, looked like a skeleton, and developed multiple allergies and sensitivities making it hard to get through day-to-day life. I kept searching for a “cure” all while pulling myself lower into a never-ending hopeless spiral. Nothing worked. I was stuck in life and stuck in sickness, losing more of myself, and running out of hope trying to exist in this world. In relationships, I discovered deception was running rampant and the foundation of these relationships was full of cracks and lies. I realized I didn’t have anyone in my corner I could trust.

On the final day of this saga before making a turning point in my life, I found myself sleeping in a tent alone, allergic to the world, and unsupported by anyone. I woke up thinking, what am I going to do and questioned whether life was worth living. I ran out of options and was on that razor's edge no one wants to find themselves on.

A few hours later, I finally got the answer I needed which started me on my path to healing, recovery, and living the life I want to live (not one foisted on me by other people, expectations, or dutifulness). What my saga has shown me is that losing myself, my voice, my choice, femininity, my identity in relationships, and past traumas all were ripping me apart from the inside out and creating sickness and suffering. Who knew? I didn’t feel this way at the time, but these unwanted circumstances gave me the time to pause, look at life, and ask for help. If I didn’t take that pause and go all in, the path I was on was only leading down a road of suffering and death.

With that early morning phone call, i was introduced to Dr Kevin, a man who would ultimately change and save my life. His contrarian and unconventional methods help and guide people out of their current circumstances, shining light on and dealing with the root cause of whatever was happening, not the surface-level symptom (the tip of the iceberg). He showed me the invisible ways in which fear, guilt, shame, pride, violence, addiction, and unresolved experiences from our past create our current reality and deprive us of a greater and richer quality of life.

I could not do it alone and needed support to get out of the personal hell I was living in. He illuminated that the secrets and trauma I was holding were ripping me apart, and it was my responsibility to choose and make changes that best fit what I wanted in life. He taught me the priceless gift of having someone you can trust, who believes in you, sees the best in you, and is in your corner always. Not only did he see my greatness and potential long before I ever saw it, but he also had the ability to draw it out, nurture it, and refused to let me settle for a life I wasn’t meant to live. One of my mantras during my own hero’s journey was, “Just because I’m afraid doesn’t mean I won’t do what I need to do,” and continues to resonate to this day.

I didn’t know what Art as a Medium to Heal was at the time, but I knew that if and when I could move past and through all of the suffering, sickness, and got un-stuck, that I would make it my life’s work to help other people make the journey as well. I continue to train with him intensively to hone my craft in helping others make the journey. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for the healing and training I received.

My goal and life’s work are to provide that same supported journey to you or your loved one. Using Art as a Medium to Heal, you will have a person in your corner you can trust and together transform your life into one that is full of happiness, purpose, and meaning. You will get your life back.

Without someone pulling me out of my own suffering and personal hell I found myself in, it’s unlikely I'd stil be here. All over the world, there are incredible women who doubt themselves, question their worth, and are often deprived of their voice, choice, power, potential, and ultimately their freedom. My work is dedicated to helping women see their true self, power, capabilities, and find their personalized journey to freedom and liberation from unwanted circumstances.

Too many females feel stuck and believe there is no choice when life is full of unhappiness and suffering. This is not true! Life can be transformed to what deep down our soul needs to be happy, healthy, and thriving. Are you left wondering if there is more to life than what you're experiencing?

We are told so many times to not be so emotional or that we are irrational. We try to keep others happy while tearing ourselves up inside. We make too many compromises, give up being heard, forget to laugh, forget our passions, forget our feminity, forget how strong we are, forget about health and we get stuck. Mental blocks and barriers prevent us from moving forward due to the conditioning and belief systems we unknowingly carry with us through most of our lives.

Since we are born, we have no idea what our mind and body go through to survive in this world, and sometimes the cards we are dealt are not ideal, but we do have the choice to change. We have the power and ability within each of us to heal and thrive in a life that we want to live, not just survive.

In a judgment-free safe place, using Art as a Medium to Heal is the answer you have been looking for. You don’t need to be so close to the end or on your deathbed to know that your body, mind, and soul are trying to tell you something. Deep down you feel something is off, maybe too afraid to think about it, embarrassed to talk about it, worried about what people will think, afraid of change, afraid to leave relationships, or feel lost and don’t know what to do.

Most of my clients are women in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s who’ve found themselves struggling. Whether it be mental, physical, emotional, family, trauma, addiction, illness, career, or any other area that can affect life as they know it. They feel their backs up against the wall and can’t see a way out. They are stuck in life’s issues and circumstances stemming from loss, betrayal, failure, disempowering/controlling relationships, violence, emotional roadblocks, trust issues, abandonment, self-sabotaging behaviors, or feeling as though they’re losing control of their life. I reserve a handful of spots for teens and young adults already experiencing struggle and suffering in their lives. I also am open to working with the right “type” of male who is open-minded and can be held accountable by a woman.

We all need compassion, love, and reassurance to realize we have a choice in our life, we are strong, we don’t need to suffer, and we don’t need to be stuck in whatever life has brought our way. During Art as a Medium to Heal, the journey will be a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual journey towards healing from within. All of these are key to regaining our strength, finding the courage to live and thrive in this world, and release what we don’t need.

Do you feel like you deserve something more (even if you don’t know what that is)?

Have you reached a point where doing nothing is no longer an option?

What are you hiding that ripping you apart from the inside out?

Do you feel like something is off, in a dark hole, chronic illness, or unhappiness?

Have you tried everything and nothing seem to help?

Giving up or enduring is not the answer. I already tried; it doesn’t work. Now is the time to stop the insanity of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Choose to do something for yourself. Regain your life, heal, and get out of the repeating daily cycle of unwanted circumstances you find yourself in today.

When you request the Art as a Medium to Heal info package, you’ll find a summary of the program and how I support people through these programs. The package will answer all the questions you have and some that you haven’t considered. Many people avoid making the decision to change their lives, hoping that their problems will magically go away. In my experience most problems worsen with time (think compounded interest), collateral damage increases, and we are left to pick up the broken pieces. Here is your opportunity to change your life and current situation once and for all and alter the course of your future for you and your loved ones.

Many people vastly underestimate the size of their problems, and vastly overestimate their ability to get out on their own. By addressing our inner demons, we can create profound positive impacts on our physical and mental health. These demons sometimes we don’t know we have, or we push them down so far that we ignore them until they pop up and knock us down saying, listen to me, stop, take a break, and reevaluate your life.

The clients I work with are all in, and demonstrate a willingness, urgency, and commitment to themselves, their loved ones, their work, and their lives; an ingredient that exists in the few, not the many. There is a way out, even if you cannot see it in this present moment. I can assure you there is because I lived this story firsthand and found a way for my own life and health. If you’re willing to do the work, there is help for you. It’s that simple.

I look forward to speaking with you or your loved one.

Thanks ~Alicia

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