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Sometimes you have to be your own Hero

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

This is true on so many levels. Sometimes you need to stand up for yourself and make a change. Are your going to be the Hero in your own life, or leave that to someone else?

Change may not be easy, it takes time, patience, and a lot of self-love. You can do this! There is no try, just do. And, yes, sometimes the grass IS greener on the other side. Your Hero journey starts with you.

Many times we don’t know how strong we are until we have face challenges in our lives. Rather than wait for these hardships to appear, we can be a step ahead of the game by learning to be our own Hero, in good times as well as bad.

Be your own hero by:

· Show yourself love and be kind to yourself

· Speak kindly to yourself and be mindful of the inner dialog running

· Develop your own beliefs and values

· Stay true to commitments you've made to yourself

· Do what you say you're going to do

· Rewrite your negative stories to have a positive outcome and find strength in them

· Feel proud and confident in yourself and your choices

One thing we may come to recognize when being our own hero, is that it’s difficult to change without our spouse or loved ones being on board. If you don’t have support on this journey, it makes it even harder to get to where you want to be. New behaviors directed at you may be positive or they may be negative, it can go either way depending on the other person’s mindset, values, and beliefs.

For example, if you gave up an addiction that your friends or loves ones still cling too, you may get resistance or backlash in form of different behaviors, comments, or trying to pull you back into that world.

OR, if you make a choice to dive into your passion and leave the job that is sucking the life out of you, there may be trouble encountered with loved ones or friends putting doubt in your head, foisting their ideas of scarceness on you, or mocking your new found career.

We can be derailed from our Hero Journey by the people in our lives, inner circle, our own inner dialog, or even society. But we do need to realize that growth and change in our lives comes from within, and having support from along the way helps.

This support can be from your inner circle, but often times it is also important to receive outside input from a person you trust who can and will say no to your ideas and behaviors that are sabotaging your life, and will guide you to make the changes necessary to see growth coming from within.

Heroes can and do need help along the way, and it is OK to accept this fact and reach out to someone who can guide you along the way. Don’t get stuck in fear, comfort, or thinking what you have been doing is always right.

Join up with me today to become the Hero in your life you need to be.



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