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Does Murphy's Law Keep You Stuck?

Are we driven by the negative pattern of Murphy’s Law or are we leading each day with a calmness, honesty, and insight?

How many of us have those incessant conversations in our head, making up stories on how to handle people’s negative replies, or combat the no’s in life, or defending ourselves against the numerous disapprovals that come our way? If you really look at it most of our days are spent on these internal dialogs trying to defend our position in fictitious conversations we may never even have.

When we dig deeper, we uncover that we have so much programming and beliefs which constantly keep us gravitating to the negative, second guessing ourselves, expecting the worst in all situations, creating a life of resistance, and fighting back against anything and everything.

Many of us are conditioned to believe that Murphy’s Law governs our lives, the boogeyman is lurking behind every corner, and that life should be full of resistance.

This is not to say shitty things will never happen, but what we don’t need to be doing is creating this fear driven false reality in our minds. We do this so often that it becomes our day-to-day norm, and we spend 80% of our waking hours, consciously or unconsciously, playing the negative loop of the what if’s.

Why do we resist so much? Why do we think life needs to be a battle? Why does that inner voice tell us we suck? And why do we think that the shit is gonna hit the fan all the time?

When this occurs so much internal energy is pulled from away from what we really want to be spending our time on and drains us of fulfilment and enjoyment from our lives.

This isn’t to say we numb ourselves so we don’t feel anything, yet it is a calling to be more present, less reactionary, find the truth in the matter, and move through the things that come our way, no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in.

If we can allow ourselves to do this, we gain honesty and insight into what is really happening, we don’t get worked up when shit hits the fan, and we find the way to deal with things when they come our way… rather than shutting down and turning to vices dull the pain and pretend we are ok.

This honesty and insight gives rise to genuine insight, different possibilities, and new outcomes are uncovered to situations we previously though had no solutions. We need to come to the realization that we aren’t stuck in anything, and there is a solution to our problems, even if the solution is something difficult to accept.

We can change the tone of the inner voice and give it less power over our day to day lives. We can look at things at a deeper level to free ourselves from these negative beliefs and drowning perceptions. When we allow this change to happen, we find ourselves with an more open mind to uncover the truth of the matter, rather than the story constructed in our minds or the what ifs.

If you or someone you know is being pulled down by this internal voice and drowning in the Murphy’s Law thought cycle, reach out and set up a Connect Session. You’ll be pleasantly surprised there is another way.



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