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Are You Being Held Hostage?

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

When we think about being a hostage, things come to mind like war, kidnapping, unjust governments, etc. We may not realize that some of us are being held hostage by things within our own lives. And yet, even if we are aware, these things have so much power over us and stop us in our tracks when we are trying to make big shifts in our lives.

Some examples of these hostage situations in our lives could be current relationships, past relationships, jobs, living situations, controlling family members, money, addictions, heath concerns, mental or physical abuse, trauma, etc. There are so many things (some more apparent than others) that can have a grip on us if we cannot recognize them and find the courage and way to overcome them.

This during a recent training and healing seminar with my own mentor, our group worked through areas in our own lives where we find ourselves stuck and held hostage. We identified these things and worked to find the light at the end of that log dark tunnel that keeps our minds chattering about circumstances we want to change. I'm grateful for the continual building on these tools and methods and excited to bring these enhanced tools to my clients to guide them on their own path to healing, recovery, and releasing limitations they finding themselves in.

When we start down this road, we can find that identifying the "thing" may not be enough to finally break through, and that we need to go even deeper to find the power within ourselves to take action to upgrade and change our circumstances. If we don’t, we repeat the insanity of doing the same things over and over, hoping and wishing we will get a different result. And thus, the downward spiral continues sucking us in, keeping us stuck, and allowing something outside of ourselves to control our lives and hold us hostage.

How many of us wish we have different jobs, wish we could kick our addictions, wish we could change negative relationships, wish we had more success, wish our health was better, or wish we could change any circumstance we don’t want to be experiencing? Wishing is one thing, finding the courage and strength to take action is another.

Life is not meant to be a constant battlefield, yet many of us find ourselves in a never-ending battle with one thing or another. We keep these secrets to ourselves, wishing it would go away, unable to find a way out, and find ourselves living parts of a life we don’t really want to be experiencing.

I invite you to access the following:

· What is holding you hostage in your life?

· What is something you wish you could change?

· What is something you could do today to jumpstart the healing?

· What could your life look like without XYZ having control over you?

There are many things that keep us up at night we wish we could change, and yet we find ourselves paralyzed to do anything about it.

We find ourselves afraid of what our life would be like without the XYZ (whether it’s good for us or not), and this is where the hostage situation comes into play. This fear of uncertainty keeps us held stagnant and stuck in things we don’t really want because the XYZ is known, it’s comforting, and we don’t know what life would be like without that certain XYZ thing.

We all know what holding us hostage if we really think about it. When we find the courage to look a little deeper and access what’s really happening instead of pushing it all aside, we can make shifts, find courage, and release the fear of going into the unknown.

If this resonates, sounds familiar, or strikes a neve, this may giving you a sign that there are areas in life that are dying for a change. We don’t need to be living in situations that aren’t meant for us or foisted on us, and some of us need some help along the way to get there.

Set up a Connect Session to start the path of healing from whatever is holding you in a repeating spiral or hostage. I can help you (or someone you know), as I have helped many clients in similar situations and also lived a similar story making it through to the other side. Let’s get your life back.

Thanks ~Alicia

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