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Can We Soar Like an Eagle?

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

In our day to day lives do we live on autopilot? Or do we take time to notice our surroundings, nature, and take notice of the signs that are presented to us on a daily basis?

While strolling by the river today, I noticed an eagle flying overhead circling my building and the river across the street. Some might think the event of seeing an eagle as no big deal and let the moment pass to the next things that calls our attention. Others may think cool bird, it must be hungry hunting food, or some might not even notice it at all.

On the other hand, if we consider the possibility of it being a sign from nature that we are being called to reconnect with unknown possibilities, vision, creativity, nature, and broaden our sense of understanding to everything around us, we can be awakened to something that needs our attention and wider perspective of seeing.

When I saw this powerful bird flying so close overhead, I thought to myself what could this be trying to tell or show me? Coming back from my river walk I decided to dig a little deeper.

Eagles are considered sacred in Native tribes and represent a higher sense of seeing, knowing, connection, understanding, and working through our internal battles and struggles to overcome and find our personal power within.

When we think of an eagle, it is connected to both the air and the earth, and its eyes can see much farther than ours from the heights of the clouds. This reminded me that often we need to pause and raise our level of sight related to things we are working on or things happening in our lives, so that we can expand our vision and give rise to the ability to see something we may have been missing.

We could consider this sign as a symbol of an opportunity to rise above limits in our life, to gather our courage to overcome the mundane, and broaden our vision of ourselves beyond what is happening in our current reality right in front of us. When we feel stuck in the weeds, we might not be able to see the bigger picture, what’s really happening, what we need to do, or what we need to consider to get out of the weeds and current circumstances we find ourselves in.

Allowing ourselves to be guided to expand our vision to that of an eagle, we can illuminate and broaden our sight to see from the higher vantage point. In this illuminated sight, we can find our place farther out on the horizon and see possibilities and solutions we might not have been able to see previously. In the lower vantage point, being stuck in the weeds, we might find ourselves living the day to day with limiting lenses which blind us to these possibilities and solutions and keeps us stuck in our current situations.

When we find ourselves feeling stuck or feeling like our wings in life are clipped by some limitation, fear, or feeling of impossibility, it may be time for us to re-evaluate what is really happening.

Maybe we need to look at whatever is causing us struggle and be open to finding the solution (no matter how scary it is). Maybe we need to find the willingness to access what is happening in our lives. Maybe we need to check in with ourselves to see how fulfilling life is to us on a day-to-day basis. Maybe we need to look deeper within ourselves, accept and work through our shadows and our light, and carve out our own path just as the eagle soars through the sky.

The eagle is free as it soars and roams on the moving currents of the wind, using its sight as a guide. Can we allow ourselves to grant ourselves the permission to see what currently unseen? Can we allow ourselves to find the solution and the courage to act on it? And can we create a life that we want to live full of joy, purpose, meaning, and the freedom to soar like an eagle?

It is up to us to choose…

For those of you who are ready and willing to work through and release limiting factors in life and expand your vision and possibilities, contact me at link in button below to setup our initial Connect Session.



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