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Recovering Our Personal Power and Authenticity

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

How many of us know what a true warrior is? A true warrior has lost its meaning and understanding over the years. A warrior is not someone who wages wars and destruction. A warrior is brave and courageous, not afraid of ourselves or the tasks in life, or the journey that unfolds in our lives.

This path is recognizing and accepting our shadow side, seeing what has happened in our life, and growing from within as we carve out our authentic life path along the way. When we do this, we reclaim our personal power, personal autonomy, and authenticity.

· How many of us are self-sabotaging?

· How many of us are avoiding life’s challenges?

· How many of us numb ourselves to get through day-to-day life?

· How many of us are driven to live up to the expectations of others?

· How many of us are driven by roles and beliefs outside of ourselves?

· How many of us constantly compare ourselves to other people?

· How many of us go through each day in service to something outside of ourselves which drains us?

Our families foist their opinions and beliefs on us, and society does the same with rules that often do not makes sense. Both of which clips our wings to soar in life as a means of controlling us and the choices that we make in life. It’s not what we do that is in question, but what are the choices we make in service to? What is the repeating driving factor in the thousands of choices that we make on a day-to-day basis?

Many of us are drawn and compelled by something that could be holding us hostage (known or unknown). Maybe a disapproving parent or sibling, a bully, a secret we are hiding, shame, fear of abandonment, wanting to fit in, or whatever it might be. Something outside of ourselves has a grip on us that is separating and pulling us from our own path in life, our own choice, our own instincts, our pursuit of purpose and meaning, and pulling us away from wholeness in life.

Can we recognize and realize this? And, how many of us have the courage and bravery to do something about it?

When we continually compare ourselves and let forces outside ourselves run our lives, we are not living our life for ourselves. We are forgetting and denying our personal power and authenticity from within and living disconnected.

When we are disconnected from ourselves, old beliefs, fears, opinions, past events, addictions, or anything that has a control over us is having a running narrative in our lives and draining our personal power from within and we get pulled off our authentic warrior path in life.

If our choices, growth, mistakes, and corrections are not allowed to come from within ourselves, we get sucked into a mental prison holding us hostage and not allowing us to live our life to the fullest. Our choice, voice, passions, and authenticity get stifled by these outside forces if they are too heavy and overbearing in our lives.

How many of us say, “I wish I did XYZ differently,” or “I wish I followed my initial gut feeling.” We turn off our intuitive choice because something outside of us is compelling us to make one choice over the other, even if it goes against what we truly want in this life or against what we know about health.

Many of us are not called to pause and take a look at our lives and what we have done with it until something huge hits us smack in the face. Maybe a death, a sudden illness, retirement, a loss, etc. When this unexpected summons happens, we need to look at what is really happening, who we really are as a person, and see how our history, roles, commitments, and opinions of others has had an impact on our lives.

If we continue to live our life in service to something outside of ourselves, or in fear, or in avoidance, we are not living our lives for ourselves and we lose a part of our selves, and our own personal power and authenticity. We think that when we leave home that we are all grown up, but how many of us are still controlled by our parents or families, their beliefs, their fears, or societal opinions and roles?

If we think about courage and bravery at an internal level, it is living a life not being afraid of ourselves, our life, or our shadow side. We need to find the insight to sort through the traffic in our heads, our histories, and what has happened in our lives. Once we gain the insight, we need to find the courage and bravery to face what has happened, live in this world, and find the endurance to keep going within life with consistency when faced with outside forces that try to pull us off our path.

This may be one of the hardest things we need to do in our lives to overcome past conditioning, programming, and fears, but this is the only way that we recover our personal power, our personal authority, live the warrior’s path, and live a life we truly want to live.

See me prior post about “Being our own Hero” as is deeply intertwined with this topic as well

If you find yourself needing some guidance to regain your personal power and authenticity, reach out and set up a "Connect session" with me. What better holiday gift to your self than reclaiming your life.



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