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Tapping into our Internal Gifts

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

If you asked me 3, 5, or 10 years ago if I ever thought about writing a kid's book or coaching people who are struggling in areas of their lives... the answer would have been no and the idea never crossed my mind. Yes, I have always drawn and painted and been there for my friends and family, but I really did not share too many of my thoughts or ideas outside of my head.

Coming to the realization that fear and old conditionings to stay quiet, keep head down, go with the flow, and prior toxic relationships had such an effect on the things I was doing with my life. It is a continuous journey to release those old beliefs and conditionings, among other things, all of which get foisted on us through life (knowingly or not). When we move through and past these things, we allow our creativity, dreams, voice, and thoughts to shine out into the world.

When we can create something for ourselves, this is amazing, and fulfills our inner spirit’s need for creative expression. Equally amazing is finding the courage to allow ourselves to share whatever it is out into the world by overcoming the fear and internal limitations that stop us from sharing our light and gifts with others.

We all have inner gifts, creativity, ideas, dreams, and goals…many of which are still waiting to be discovered within ourselves. We either allow then to come to the surface, or we forget about them and put them in the back of the closet to become another forgotten dream that fades away over time.

This story of a mermaid finding her home came to me while creating a special birthday gift for a little girl named Madeline. She invited me to come to her party celebrating her 5th birthday. Unfortunately, I could not attend because I was traveling across country that weekend. Instead, I decided to create her a special gift she can keep forever and hand delivered it to her. I created her a painting of a mermaid riding a unicorn for her to hang it in her bedroom. The exact moment the painting was finished, the story of “The Mermaid Who Found Her Home” popped into my mind. I grabbed my pen and got the story down on paper that same day. From there, the story bloomed. The special bday painting and Madeline's love of mermaids and unicorns are the inspirations for the illustrations in the book.

The book was happening! I already saw it printed in my mind and all the colors it would be. We can accomplish great things when we know and believe in something so much, keep going, and get it done. In doing so, we have the possibility of sharing something beautiful with the world, and bringing positivity and joy to people of all ages.

Through the journey of creating my kids book, I can count well over 30+ people who have mentioned in conversation that they always wanted to write a book, or they have so many ideas for kids books, or they have so many things they want to write about but just never put it down on paper. What is stopping them?

There are many answers to these questions, and a big one is we are stunted by the internal resistance and limitations running in our minds telling the story that we aren’t good enough, fear of failure, fear of what people will say about the new project, fear of doing something new, fear of not being the best, or a multitude of things.

We all need to stop fear and limitations from running our lives and let our dreams and creativity come to fruition, in whatever form speaks to us. Who cares what people think. Create for you and you alone and it will be beautiful, no matter what it is. Put it out into the universe and see what happens. You just may surprise yourself with what will unfold once you do.

My mentor likes to tell me that I have a “Go Rambo” mode that gets flipped on when things need to get done (all in fun and an inside joke). This book is good example of when we believe in ourselves, keep going, and have people in our corner who we can trust, we can accomplish remarkable things in this life and bring our inner light into the world.

We all have the ability within ourselves to remove the grey and fill our day-to-day world with color, joy, purpose, meaning, and fulfilment in all areas of life. See my prior post about “Finding Home” and how this kid’s book is for people of all ages, not just kids.

If you are ready to dig deeper, get in contact with me to start your to find your inner gifts and journey home. Link: Art as a Medium to Heal



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