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Can we give ourselves permission?

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Recent radio silence on my end this past month as I have been moving. This has been something I have contemplated for a long time and finally gave myself permission to do. Best move I have ever made!!

I recently moved out of the city, somewhere I have lived since 2008. It was all I knew, gave me space to grow, most of my friends lived there, and close to my job. What I didn’t realize, was that I never felt at rest or at peace there and kinda felt stuck.

Sure, I had lots of fun, partied with friends, went out, but I found myself having more enjoyment doing outdoor activities. I was escaping the city when I could to get my calm, my peace, fun, and reconnect with nature in the mountains, oceans or lakes and get away. The city felt like an endless grind day in and day out because I felt like I always needed to be planning a trip to get out and away from it all.

I’m not poo-pooing the city by any means. I love it there and everything it has to offer, but it was time for me to make a change and see where it takes me.

At my new place I enjoy being across from a river, jumping in the water, running up hills, kayaking, SUPing, biking, hiking, and more time for myself in nature. Of course, I will keep my love of traveling, and I have allowed myself to release the hold the city had on me, to choose to be in the surroundings that I enjoy, versus staying somewhere just because it was familiar. I know is an interim step to an ultimate goal of buying a home in a forest, and it is closer to what I want versus what I had. More nature and more connection and by the water.

With my move it reminded me of how difficult change is, as it jingled a lot of spiderwebs and things from the past. It also helped me realize how many of us say “I wish I had OR did XYZ,” but yet we still don’t pull the trigger.

· What is holding us back from what we want?

· What fear is holding us hostage and stagnant?

· Who or what are we afraid of?

· Are we too worried what other people will think?

· Do we have the courage to choose something we want instead of staying stuck in something familiar we know deep down isn’t meeting our needs or what we want?

We have the opportunity every day to choose and give ourselves permission, what we do with that opportunity is up to us.

Contact me today to get back on track and give yourself the permission to live a live you want and need to live.

Using Art as the Medium to Heal art can help to release and talk about inner turmoil going on, things we are battling, things we wish we could change, and secrets we cannot talk about. We will dig up barriers, past and present, so they can be addressed. The more we pay attention to our body and needs, the more we heal and get our energy flowing again. We can find the strength to change the lenses we see the world through, and choose to release whatever is limiting us, no matter how long ago the story happened and no matter crossroads we find ourselves in.

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