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What is holding you back?

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

We all see these posts on social media about the next big thing, the next quick fix, or the next new bright shiny object we must get. No matter what these things are, some might be really good and helpful, but others not so much. But no matter what it is, one thing is constant… Your mindset!

Our mindset can be the one chokehold in life that will limit our progress, change, or perpetuate us to be stuck in repeating cycles and boredom. Often times we know "what" we need to do, but getting ourselves to take action, do what we need to do today after day, and staying consistent is what many of us have a struggle focusing on.

Consistency, putting in the work for fundamental change, and driving our life toward change can be a scary thing. What are we afraid of the most? Uncertainty.

Uncertainty is what keeps many of us stuck in many areas of our lives.

We get stuck on overanalyzing, stuck in our heads, we distract ourselves with busy work, and we create our own anxiety and complexities that stop us in our tracks and keep us in the same old same old of daily life.

Why do we do this? We do this to avoid feeling vulnerable, avoid personal growth and expansion, and avoid stepping out of our comfort zone. This can cause a loss of opportunities in our lives because we are afraid to change and afraid to step into the unknown.

Any breakthrough, whether personal or in a career, all come with feelings of nervousness, unease, and not knowing exactly what will happen. This all comes from a place of wanting comfort and not wanting to deal with the uncertainties of life.

• What is the one thing you've been avoiding in your life?

• What power does this one thing have over you?

• What could you start to do to get you on that path to where you want to be?

• What is holding you back from starting today?

Most of us avoid doing these things we need to do in our lives because we're afraid to fail. We fail to recognize that if we live our lives in fear of failure, this also leads us to be afraid to live! Many failures in life have given rise to a great foundation of success, by whatever means of measure personal to us. When we fail, we learn, we gain experience, and we live!

Do you need some help in these areas of your life? We all do! And I can help you.

Contact me today to start to work together and build the life you want to live and let go of what is holding you back.

Thanks! ~Alicia

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